How To Resolve Dental Anxiety Issues

Have you ever tried to find a dental anxiety dentist who can help you overcome your dental fears before even looking at your teeth?

If you ever get nervous just thinking about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Many people are scared of going to the dentist thinking it might hurt more in the end than it does right now.

Some people never experience any pain, yet they are still scared to go and see the dentist because they are not sure what the dentist might find.

Listen to what some of our patietns have to say about their dental anxiety.

What Some Of Our Dental Anxiety Patients Are Saying

Whatever your reason, Dr. White and his team at Dentist Chattanooga want to make sure you always leave with less pain and with more confidence than you did when you first walked in. However, the longer you delay your visit the higher the risk of increasing your problems or having to pay far more than you would if you had gone earlier.

In fact, seeing your dentist regularly can actually make every visit quick, simple, and easy. If Dr. White sees the possibilities of any problems arising, he will be able to pinpoint them and resolve them before you even knew they were there.

What Other Dental Anxiety Patients Are Saying

Three Steps To Avoid Dental Anxiety

Whenever Dr. White has a patient who tells him they have problems with dental anxiety - or if Dr. White senses it in their voice and personality - he recommends these 3 things to help them overcome it.

  1. Speak Up
    Anyone with anxiety knows that sharing your feelings makes a world of difference. If you are often tense or anxious when going to see the dentist, Dr. White would like you to share your feelings with him before he even looks into your issue. It has been proven that a patient who shares their feelings with the doctor will have better results in the end.

    • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions
      In today’s world, we all want to look smart and intelligent to the point that we do not want to ask any questions. However, going to see the dentist means you need help with their expertise. Never be afraid to ask questions before the process begins.

      Sometimes just knowing what is going to happen and what the outcome will be, takes care of all fears you are currently experiencing. By asking Dr. White questions, it not only clears your mind from all doubt, it also helps him know how to better address your issues and get them resolved.
    • Agree On A Special Signal
      Keep in mind that when you go to see the dentist, chances are he will be doing work inside of your mouth. This makes it very difficult to always speak up and talk to him while he is doing his job. That is why it is always good to decide on a hand gesture or physical signs you can make to him during the procedure so he will know when to stop and give you a break.

    • Signal Him If You Do Start To Experience Any Pain
      If Dr. White thinks you might experience any pain during the procedure, he will offer you an anesthetic to numb your tooth and gum so you will not experience any pain during the process. However, everybody’s teeth, mouth, and gums are different and our nerves are in different locations. This is why it is so important to not be scared to signal the doctor and tell him if you begin to experience any pain.

      Along with our nerves being in different locations, we all have different bodies that react differently to levels of anesthetic. Sometimes your body may require slightly more than the average amount. Dr. White will not be aware of this until you signal him and let him know that you are starting to feel some pain.

      Some patients are embarrassed about their pain tolerance or don’t want to interrupt a dentist during a procedure. Dr. White never wants you to go through any pain at all. If he is doing his job correctly, you should not experience any pain at all. You are the only person who knows when the pain is coming on. Dr. White wants you to always let him know the second you begin to experience the slightest bit of pain.
  2. Distract Yourself
    When visiting the dentist, taking your mind off of the exam may be very difficult, especially if you are nervous already. However, some of Dr. White’s patients have had great outcomes by simply focusing or distracting themselves using the following methods.

    • Listen To Your Favorite Music
      If the sound of the dentist's tools in your mouth bothers you, then it often helps to bring your earbuds or headphones with you and listen to your favorite music or audiobook during the procedure.

    • Occupy Your Hands
      When some people get nervous they begin playing with their hands. If you are one of those people, Dr. White asks you to bring your favorite squeeze ball or small handheld object with you to your next visit. By just distracting yourself with an object in your hands, oftentimes makes the procedure go much smoother and seem to take less time to complete.

    • Imagine Your Happy Place
      Let's face it, we all have our dream location we would like to be at someday. Sometimes that dream location might be your next vacation. Whatever that location might be, Dr. White has had many patients talk with him about that dream location before their procedure. As they continued dreaming about it during their procedure, it helped them become distracted and not even realize what was being done. So just having that dream location on your mind during the procedure can definitely serve as a distraction and make the whole process easier.

  3. Use Meditation Techniques
    Relaxation starts in the mind and this is why meditation has always been proven to work better when preparing yourself ahead of time. If meditation works best for you, Dr. White recommends the following exercises to help relax tension in your muscles before the procedure begins.

    • Count Your Breaths
      As you inhale, try counting how long your inhaler lasts. Then as you exhale, count to the same number in your mind. Inhale slowly and then exhale slowly. Do this multiple times until your mind has achieved that relaxing state you are trying to achieve.

      If at any time during your procedure you need to take a break, just signal Dr. White and he will let you take deep breaths again before he continues the procedure.

What Some Of Our Other Anxiety Patients Are Saying

What Are Some Other Options?

If you have tried all of the suggestions above and are still having strong dental anxiety feelings before your procedure begins, Dr. White can offer you a mild muscle relaxer known as valium before your visit. With valium, you are completely awake and responsive at all times. Valium takes “the edge off” for you and makes it easier to relax and remain comfortable during the procedure.

If this still isn’t enough for you, Dr. White can set up a sedation dental appointment for you at the oral surgeon's office. There you will be able to fall asleep comfortably in the chair and Dr White will be able to complete the full procedure without you even knowing it.

If you need more information - or have any other additional questions - we ask that you fill out the form below or give us a call. We can set up your free consultation with Dr. White. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have about dental anxiety and make sure you feel totally comfortable before you make any final decisions.