Is A Dental Hygiene Check-Up Important?

Ever wondered if a dental hygiene checkup is important? Issues caused by lack of proper dental hygiene are the types of issues that can creep up on us when we least expect it.

Ignoring even a slight toothache can lead to significant tooth damage which could ultimately result in tooth loss before you know it. That is why it is so important to talk with your dentist about the latest dental hygiene procedures and how to help make sure your teeth are remaining healthy on a daily basis.

Set Up Your Free Dental Hygiene Consultation

At Dentist Chattanooga, we provide a wide array of dental hygiene services that will increase your dental health while making sure your teeth and gums will last for years to come. When you set up your free consultation with Dr. White, he will discuss with you proper dental hygiene and how you can improve your teeth making them as bright and beautiful as possible.

Our Dental Hygiene Procedure

If after the free consultation you feel you would like Dr. White to perform his full dental hygiene procedure, the dental hygienist will thoroughly remove any buildup on your teeth followed by polishing of all surfaces.

Dr. White will then be able to examine your teeth in great detail and be able to give you his best personal recommendations on how you can take better care of your teeth and keep them white and bright for years to come.

Dr. White will:

  • Perform an extensive exam of your current condition
  • Take digital x-rays of your teeth to find out what it inside
  • Measure and chart the soft tissue supporting your teeth
  • Perform an oral cancer exam to make sure you are safe
  • Inspect the muscles and bone joints
  • Examine your tongue and teeth and how they allow you to speak and sleep

With this full hygiene procedure, Dr. White will know all of the medical facts about your gums and teeth. He will be able to tell you how you can best protect them.

If at this appointment we find any dental or gum issues that need advanced special care, we will make you aware of the situation and recommend one of our top-rated dental specialists who can resolve these specific issues for you.

Want to Learn More About Dental Hygiene?

Give us a call today, or fill out the form below, for your free dental hygiene consultation with Dr. White. We look forward to helping you discover and resolve any dental hygiene needs you might have.