How Do You Relieve TMJ Tension?

How do you relieve TMJ tension? If the TMJ tension is caused by a tooth, there's nothing you can do sort of seeing a dentist to relieve that. However, there may be other things going on besides the tooth problem causing your TMJ symptoms. In that case, a mild analgesic emotion (800 milligrams) will take a lot of that pain away. Heat or ice packs on your cheeks. That may help.

If it's a nerve problem, you might want to pay close attention to your ears to make sure there's no infection anywhere around or inside your ear hole. And lastly, sleep on your back.

If you sleep on your side and you wake up and your jaws in your ear, because the way your head was laying on the pillow, that's not good. If you sleep on your back, that should help. And if it's muscle or nerve or soft tissue problems, those things will help

If it's a tooth problem, which I can only tell by seeing you, none of those things are going to help for long.

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