Is TMJ Caused By Wisdom Teeth? What Is The Main Cause Of TMJ?

Is TMJ caused by wisdom teeth? No, not generally. Wisdom teeth cause a problem when they are impacted and can't come in all the way to be a problem. What happens is they will get infected and either ruin the bone and tissue around it or ruin the tooth in front of it.

Infection, left untreated, is a dangerous thing. It can cause all kinds of systemic problems if you have a bad heart. If you have an artificial joint or prosthesis, a wisdom tooth is a bacteria pump into your bloodstream. You don't want that that's not healthy. So you need to get them out as soon as you notice them or before.

Wisdom teeth come out easily until a person gets to be 21 years of age. After the person turns 21, their wisdom teeth will be completely formed and it's more of a challenge to remove them. But it can still be done by a competent oral surgeon and you won't have any pain.

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