Is TMJ A Medical Or Dental Problem?

Is a TMJ, a medical or a dental problem? That's a hard question. You have to be able to rule out the teeth as a problem causing TMJ or a TMD. If your teeth aren't the issue, then you probably should see an ear, nose and throat doctor after you see the dentist, and he'll probably recommend one. And if they can't find anything wrong, then they'll send you back here saying it's a TMD problem or TMJ problem. Well, we knew that.

So we'll start working again on putting the teeth in a corrected position with the relationship to the joint and making a splint and let you see if that gives you any relief. If that gets rid of the pain, we did something that didn't know what it was and that happens all the time. But I just want to get you out of pain, if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.

Questions & Answers About TMJ Symptoms

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