Where is TMJ located? Does TMJ show up in an X Ray?

Where is TMJ located and can it show up in an X Ray? Right here, as we said before, is the TMJ? It's the bone. It's the Condyle.It's the disc. It's the muscles where they all hinge in front of the ear, like so.

Does it show up in an X Ray? A conventional dental X rays that we must use our X rays of the teeth and the associated bone that they're setting in. You have to go way back here to get an X Ray of the TMJ.

If there is a reason that we need to know where the TMJ is, we would send you to an imaging center and get an MRI of the jaw kind of open, like so. And we could find the disk either here, here, wherever (in that area).

People used to think that they could do surgery on some of these things, and they would go away. There's a guy in St. Pete, who is a doctor and a dentist, and he used to go in and reposition these disks or put a fake disc in there. It sounds great, but we found out over time they don't hold up.

So can it be fixed? Probably not. You just need to treat the symptoms. That is my best recommendation.

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