Where is TMJ felt? What does it feel like?

Where is TMJ felt? And what does it feel like? TMJ can occur on any of the facial muscles that aid the jaw in opening and closing so we can speak and eat.

This muscle over here is called the temporalis muscle. It goes all the way from the point of your head to the base of your skull. It's the first muscle that pulls your jaw back into position and makes it get ready to close.

Once you close, there's a strap of muscles that go from the corner of your jaw to your cheek on the inside and the outside that are huge. They're the ones that you clench and bite down and crack along it with.

These little muscles over here that are depicted (they're on both sides) but over here, that's all you've got to make your jaw open and that is the place where most pain occurs right here, under your cheekbone. You can rub right there and have somebody open and close and it's very touchy. It's either swollen, it can be hot, it can be irritated, but they know that's where it is. It can be on one side or it can be on both sides.

What does it feel like? It feels like a constant, bruised, stretched or swollen muscle. Have you ever turned your ankle? Stretch the muscle, you're out of position, and it takes a while for it to feel normal? That's what it feels like. Like a stretched or bruised muscle.

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