Are Veneers Bad For Your Teeth?

Well, let's back up a minute. To do a good veneer, we have to study and see if we need to remove any tooth structure. If we do, it won't be more than a millimeter. It won't even go through the enamel. But in order to get a veneer on your tooth and make it look natural, you need to make sure you don't just paste it on what's already there, because it'll be too fat, it'll be too round and be too long and stick out too far. You have a hard time getting your lip over it.

So we want to make sure we don't do that. So yes, we do have to remove a little tooth structure. The veneer is custom fitted (the composite veneer or the porcelain veneer) to fit over the part that we remove. It's very thin, it's not very thick, it's very thin. But it makes it look like a natural tooth again. And we bond it (or cement it) on there.

Like I said, we remove some of the tooth (it stays in the enamel for the most part) and the porcelain veneers will never stain, the tooth will never stain under them. The composite veneer (the tooth colored veneer), it will stain, it will chip, it will break and it will leak more than the porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers will stay solid.

Now, if you have horrible oral hygiene or you eat a lot of candy or you suck on Mountain Dews, you can get cavities on the roots of the teeth and in between where the porcelain meets the tooth. Not under the porcelain necessarily, but where it meets the tooth.

So you have to maintain them. You have to floss and brush and get them checked regularly.

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