Can Crooked Teeth Be Fixed With Veneers?

Can veneers fix a crooked tooth, or crooked teeth? That really depends on what I see. How crooked are they? Are they all the same height? Or are they all twisted? Are they overlapping?

A lot of times a veneer can't do that. If you do that (or try to do that with a veneer - or close a space that's always been there) it depends on how big it is. You're going to add more porcelain and thicker porcelain in that area that you're trying to repair, or “fix” (quote unquote) with veneer than you would be to see an orthodontist and get them straight and where they're going to be and stable before you do the veneers. And you can do a traditional, strong, long lasting veneer. And it will look good.

If you try to change the height or straighten out the twisted teeth, the twisted teeth would be the biggest problem. Sometimes it would be impossible to put a veneer on because there's not enough room. You need room to do it. The teeth need to be lined up and not overlap.

So, I would always, always, if there's any doubt, recommend you see an orthodontist and get Invisalign or braces or whatever. It won't take long, but it'll be an investment in how long your veneers are going to last, and how good they are going to look.

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