Can You Get Cavities With Veneers?

Can you get cavities with a veneer? Of course you can. It doesn't cover the whole tooth. If your hygiene is bad or you eat a lot of sweets or you drink a lot of sodas you can get cavities around the edges where the veneer and the tooth obviously meet.

The veneer has a lot of exposed edges on it. Whereas a crown, which you might want to consider if that is your problem, does not have as many exposed edges where it meets the tooth. And it's around the tooth building, the tooth making it stronger.

Veneers, you have to be very hygienic. They have a lot of exposed surface, but nothing that you can see. It's in between around the gum and on the inside and where you bite. But yes, you can get a cavity around the veneer. It doesn't happen often because the places where the veneers are exposed, where they meet the tooth, are in pretty protected areas. You have to have pretty bad hygiene to get a cavity around the edge of a veneer.

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