How Much Do Veneers Cost For A Full Set vs Per Tooth?

How much does a full set of veneers cost? It's a million dollar question. First of all, let's figure out what a set is. I put veneers only up to the first vacuousness, which is the truth behind your kaynine. And that's eight vanier's across the front.

I do that because those are the ones people see when you smile. Go look in the mirror and smile real big. You see not six, not four but eight. And usually most people show eight teeth and it shows up outside looking in.

Some people say they want veneers on their molars (the back teeth). Why? Nobody sees them. And they're not designed to take the forces of the crunching that you do on your back teeth.

If you want the crowns to look as good as the veneers (on the back teeth), put porcelain crowns on your back teeth. Then you got everything looking the same and being very strong.

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