What Do Veneers Look Like?

What did veneers look like? I'll show you on my model right here. This is a veneer. Maybe you can see on the camera that these teeth are more yellow and the veneer is placed on there and obviously we have veneers here, here, here, all the way across. And they would all look that color, which is what you want.

When I see you to prep the teeth for the veneers, your teeth will look like that. It will have a little enamel taken off the front, little in-between and a little across the top.

The laboratory technician will make a porcelain shell, like a fake fingernail, that will slide across that. When we get it back, at the seed appointment, we would treat this and treat the tooth with chemicals and acid and bonding agent. And then we slide it on and cure it. I'm a little hesitant to use the word “permanent,” but it's going to last many years. You don't take it on and off. It's there. All the veneers you don't take on and off. If you have something to take on and off it's not going to look good and it's not going to be durable.

This is bonded on your tooth. It's a part of your tooth and the tooth is so thin you would think it would be strong, but when it gets bonded with no air and it fits the tooth securely and the bite is done correctly, you're good to go.

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