How Do Veneers Work On Teeth?

How do veneers work and what do they look like? This little helper here has a veneer on it. I'm going to take it off, and show you pretty much what it looks like.

It's in a shell that goes across the front of the tooth, around into the corners of the tooth and across the bite-surface of the tooth. That's what your tooth looks like after we do the first appointment where we reduce the teeth and take the mold.

Then we will put an acrylic temporary on their (veneer temporary) just to wear while the real ones are being made. When they come back, we will etch this surface, put a bonding agent on it and this and seat it down over your tooth.

So if you looked at it from straight down-top, you would see the line right here where the tooth is one color, the veneer is obviously another. This is what people are going to see.

I don't think many people are going to be looking at the back side of your front tooth.

Questions About The Benefits Of Veneers

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