Are Veneers Safe For You?

Are veneers safe or are they bad for you? Not really, if you do it correctly. You have to do a lot of pre-op work to make sure that you get things tight and battened down as closely to perfect as you can. Remember, veneers are a cosmetic procedure.

If you have cavities or you've had old fillings and cavities in your front teeth, a porcelain veneer is going to let you show through. So I would prefer a full porcelain crown in that instance. And back to veneers, on the teeth that aren't affected with cavities or fillings, I would use the veneers and everything will look almost perfect. But no, they will not hurt you.

When we do the pre-op procedure and the op-procedure, we numb you up and we shave about a millimeter of enamel, not the denton, the enamel off the face of the tooth if you need it. But that's what the pre-op does. It decides where we're going to do and how much we're going to do and the veneer is going to come back and fill the space that we take off. And everything will still be the correct contour, the correct length, and not be too fat and bulging. And you’re going to be able to get your lip over them.

So, no, it's not going to hurt you. It's probably the least invasive thing that we do. We don't cut into the tooth. We don't strip the porcelain, or the enamel off to put a crown on. We don't do any of that with a veneer. We use most of your natural tooth surface and the veneer is just so technically small that if we do it right, it won't hurt you, it won't be painful, and it'll last a long time.

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