Can You Stain Veneers? Do Porcelain Veneers Stain?

Can veneers stain or be stained? It depends on what kind of veneer you are talking about. Tooth colored filling material, bonded and sculpted on your front tooth, definitely can stain. It's porous (compared to porcelain).

Porcelain, “No” it will not stain. It may get something on it, but you can brush it off. But it will not stain or change colors. You can smoke a cigar every day and the porcelain will not be affected by it.

The areas between your teeth and around the roots, not so much, I don't know? It depends on how the veneer is structured to be and what it is structured to cover there. We will obviously try to keep all the natural teeth in the background.

So to answer your question, “No.” Simply, they can't be stained.

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