Are Dentures Better Than Bad Teeth?

You may want to know if dentures are bad or worse or better than … “You’ve got a bad set of teeth.” Maybe you have gum disease? Maybe you have a lot of decay or a lot of broken down teeth? Or maybe the roots of your teeth aren't very strong? In this case, a denture would be better. Not just for hygiene but it would also be better for how your breath smells. And then it doesn’t load your body up full of bacteria from that plack and calculous growing on the roots of your bad teeth. So, yes, a denture would be much more preferable to that.

When you have a lot of bone loss around a natural tooth (and a lot of disease) you want to make sure the oral surgeon is involved. Because if you take those teeth out, you've already destroyed a lot of the jaw bone. They may want to augment that bone with artificial bone and build it backup to where you'll have a good base for your denture to ride on.

Questions About The Benefits Of Dentures

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