What Is The Cost Of Implants vs Dentures?

A lot of patients ask about the cost of implants versus dentures. Obviously, implants are going to cost more. It depends on how many implants that you need to do what you want to do.

Dentures, you can get a set with no implants for as little as six hundred to as much as ten thousand dollars. The range depends on your needs. What we have to do in the meantime to make them look good and fit right.

Implants are part of your jaw bone. They are part of your body and they’re stable. Stability is the key. And you can put anything you want to on them. You can put crowns and bridges, you can screw down a denture. You can snap on a denture. You can snap on a partial or screw it down. There's all kinds of variables that we can use for implants.

The thing is, if you do a set of implants to rebuild an arch or a whole mouth, you're going to be looking at eight to ten to twelve implants. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars (at two thousand dollars a piece). And that's before you put any teeth on it. So you're going to have quite a big difference in expense, but in the long term, they're going to be your natural teeth. They're going to be comfortable. They're going to stay there. They're not going to shift or move. You're not going to have to take them out. We try to make them where they're very easy to claim, which you have to be diligent about. There's nothing there to decay. The teeth are gone. It won't decay. And if you keep your gums clean and the bites right and you don't have an accident, they should last for a long time.

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