Can Dentures Cause Gum Infection?

Can dentures cause your gums to be infected? A denture sore that progresses to the point to where an infection can ensue is something that you need to get checked out ASAP! As soon as you can, get a dentist to evaluate it and correct it. You don't want that to go untreated. That's a bacteria that forms in your mouth and if you are older and have a heart problem or a joint problem, all that extra bacteria is not a good thing. So we want to get that fixed as soon as we can.

If it's not causing a sore or an open wound, then sometimes we just need to check the teeth, check the overall denture and maybe adjust that spot and reline it. There are a lot of ways to treat it. But, if it is an open wound then we need to see what it looks like. You need to get that seen. Don't wait.

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