How Many Times Can Dentures Be Relined?

Question is, how many times can dentures be relined? I don't really know until I see them. It depends on the condition of the teeth and the condition of the acrylic of what you have left.

If it's been 20 years, it's going to be a challenge to reline them. If it has been 10 or 5 years, it won't be as much trouble.

When we reline a denture, you have to understand, we take the inside part and fill it with a compression material. Then we put it in your mouth and you bite down and hold it until the impression sets. Then we take that out and send it to the dental laboratory where they put in a new base that fits your gum, and weld it to the outside. So the dentures look the same. They're not any different than when you came in. They just have a new fitting underneath that rests on the gum.

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