Is It Bad To Wear Dentures All The Time?

Is it bad to wear your dentures all the time? I don't generally recommend it 24/7, day in and day out, all night long. It is not good for your gums mainly.
Your gums need time to refresh themselves and rebuild themselves.

You need to have time where you soak your dentures in a cleaner and then brush them and brush your gums. Otherwise, your gums are going to suffer from it. This is because they can't breathe. They can't stretch. They can't rebuild. They can't act naturally. So I don't care if it's at night or if it's during the daytime, give your gums at least four hours with nothing in there to bother them.

Some people have a situation, maybe an ailment or another physical problem where they can't function without them in their mouth; I understand that. But at least take them out periodically during the day and rinse your mouth, brush your gums, and brush the dentures and put them back in. At least do that.

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