Can You Sleep In Your Dentures?

A lot of patients ask, can I sleep in my dentures? I don't want to be ugly, but I want to ask you a question. Do you sleep in your shoes? It's pretty much the same thing. You don't sleep in your shoes and you shouldn't sleep in a denture.

The time that you sleep is the best time to soak them in a commercially available “dip” and let them soak and clean. Then take them out and brush them in the morning and brush your gums. Your gums get a chance to breathe and rebound, fill with blood, keep the bacteria to a minimum and regenerate after you have worn your dentures all day.

Tons of people sleep in their dentures. Tons of people never take them out, And when I see them, I'll see that the gum has a red imprint because it
can't breathe. It can't get oxygen. But some people can't sleep without their teeth. I understand that. And that's what they have to do. But you need to give your gums at least four hours a day (sometime during the day) to rebound. And soak your dentures and brush them with a toothbrush after you get them out of the soap and get all the debris off of them. And then, believe it or not, get your toothbrush to scrub your gums.

It'll make them much more comfortable and much more pleasant for the people around you.

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