How Many Years Do Dentures Last For?

People ask, “How long is this denture going to last?” or “How long are my dentures supposed to last?” or “How long do my grandparent’s dentures last?”

The question is, when you had it made (basically). Today, the materials and the techniques where they make denture teeth and the acrylics is the best it's ever been. So if you have one made today, it’s going to last long past my career for many, many years.

What happens is, when they wear out, the teeth get dished out, or you’ve got a peculiar bight or your jaws have shrunk to a point where the teeth aren’t functioning correctly anymore because they're just worn out and flat.

If you look in your mouth and your teeth are flat, it's time to get a new denture. Otherwise, you remember when I told you that the dentures are going to fit the best the day you get them because every year after that your jawbone will start shrinking a millimeter at a time. So it's not uncommon to have a very particular person come in every five years and get a new set of dentures just because their gums have shrunk. Their bones have shrunk. And that's fine. I’ll take that all day long. But usually I see people with dentures who have worn them so long that the teeth are flat and that means they're finished. You need to get a new denture.

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