Which Is Better? Dentures Or Implants?

A lot of people ask me about the cost of implants and dentures and such and so forth. You can be all over the board with that. I know some dentists that do work for ten thousand dollars for an upper and lower denture. You can go down the street and get one at a denture mill for six or seven hundred dollars. So obviously there's a big range between that.

It would be unfair (to you) for me to give you a hard and fast price without seeing you because I do a lot of extra work in between the first and the last appointment.

It may be four or five appointments, it may be two or three appointments. That time depends on your case and your situation and are you a returning denture wearer? Or are you a new denture wearer and stuff like that? It goes into the figure of how much I charge. It's not ten thousand. It's not six hundred. It's somewhere in between there. I guarantee you that. But other than that, I really can't guarantee you without seeing you and talking to you. I can't give you a figure. But I will if we do an exam on you.

Questions About The Benefits Of Dentures

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