What Happens If I Don't Wear My Dentures?

What happens if I don’t wear my dentures? If you remember, in another video, I said “Once you get the teeth out and put the dentures in, that's the best they are ever going to fit.” Your body starts shrinking, your gums start shrinking (one millimeter a year on the average).

If you go a month or two, not wearing your dentures, chances are you're never going to be able to wear them again. This is because the bone is not moving the right way or it has shrunken in one place and not another. And I think the denture probably helps it shrink (in a certain way). But the gums could change, the bone could change. It's not set in stone. What happens? Well I just know from experience, if you go a long time without them, you have to get a new pair.

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