Can You Get Dentures That Look Like Real Teeth?

A lot of people ask, can I get a denture that is going to look like real teeth? Sure you can. It's not only just the teeth in the denture, it's how the dentist applies and where they put the teeth in your facial structures that make them look real or not. But dentures are very pretty. And if you have a good lab guy, they do wonders and they look like natural teeth.

Used to, they made porcelain denture teeth and they would never stain and they stay pretty but they got a dark line around the edge because there's metal in there holding them onto the denture and it would corrode.

So now the acrylic people have gotten “so good” at fire baking and pressing (and how they machine denture teeth) that the acrylics are stronger and they bond to the denture base and work better than they did before.

But yes, you can get a denture that looks as good as - or better than - your natural teeth.

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