How Do You Talk Clearly With Dentures?

How do you talk clearly with dentures? You have to learn. It's a learning curve. You've got to be willing to put the time in and practice. And eventually, if the dentures fit good, the bite is and they're made well, you'll learn to talk.

The biggest challenge comes in eating. When you bite down on something with dentures, that's a great feeling because the denture engages the gum and rides, it's even, and you put a lot of pressure on it. The problem is when you open your mouth and the denture wants to come out with it. That's where you just have to learn, just like in talking. You have to learn how to use your cheek and your tongue and your lip to get it to stay still?

If that doesn't work (or you need a crutch or training wheels), go get you some denture cream. Put it on the lower denture and stick it in there until your body gets used to it being there and knows what to do. That would be my best advice.

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