Why Do My Dentures Feel So Big?

A good question is why do my dentures feel so big? That's all you see when I smile. Well, that's obviously the teeth. The teeth were put in the wrong place and your jaw, backwards or forwards, sideways, or the teeth are just of a larger size than they should have.

The main thing I use when I'm putting in a set of teeth or arranging a set of teeth is the lip. When you're in your pose, you want to see about a millimeter of upper tooth.

When you smile, you want your lips to go to the gum line. That's pretty dead on. And then you use a speaking sound to see if they're in the right place. When you say “F” your upper edge of your tooth should hit a wet dry line on your lower lip. And pretty much if you do that and mount the case on an articulator (where you can have it relation on the articulator to the relation of your jaws in your mouth) you really can't mess-up and they won't feel too big.

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